School Curriculum

Through our topics we will ensure our curriculum drivers are evident.

1. Knowledge of the World/Environment

As people concerned with our environment we will;

  • Explore our local environment; city and rural; people, places, cultures, religions
  • Explore the wider world around us – in the past and currently
  • Explore things in our world that need protecting; people, sustainable resources
  • Think about changes we can make to help the environment
  • Explore and enjoy the outdoors
2. Possibilities

As people with endless possibilities ahead of us we will;

  • Recognise that we can achieve anything we want to
  • Experience new things; activities, foods, cultures, religions
  • Experience and learn from failure – knowing how turn this into a positive
  • Explore possibilities, plan, and implement alternatives.
3. Community

As members of a community we will;

  • Explore people who help us
  • Think of ways we can be an active part of our community, helping others
  • Invite our community into our school to be part of our learning
  • Go out into our community to support others
  • Explore ways of completing teamwork within our community
  • Explore how we can learn from significant people, both now and in the past
  • Understand how our community works; recycling, Police, Council, Church etc.
4. Relationships/social awareness

As spiritual and moral people we will;

  • Think about important relationships around us and in other communities/cultures
  • Celebrate cultural diversity, in our community and the world around us
  • Celebrate religious diversity, in our community and the world around us
  • Develop team work skills and work collaboratively
  • Recognise and respect other people’s roles in our class, school and society
  • Understand consequences and how to make a mends
5. Enquiry