School Curriculum

Through our topics we will ensure our curriculum drivers are evident.

1. Knowledge of the World/Environment

As people concerned with our environment we will;

  • Explore our local environment; city and rural; people, places, cultures, religions
  • Explore the wider world around us – in the past and currently
  • Explore things in our world that need protecting; people, sustainable resources
  • Think about changes we can make to help the environment
  • Explore and enjoy the outdoors
2. Possibilities

As people with endless possibilities ahead of us we will;

  • Recognise that we can achieve anything we want to
  • Experience new things; activities, foods, cultures, religions
  • Experience and learn from failure – knowing how turn this into a positive
  • Explore possibilities, plan, and implement alternatives.
3. Community

As members of a community we will;

  • Explore people who help us
  • Think of ways we can be an active part of our community, helping others
  • Invite our community into our school to be part of our learning
  • Go out into our community to support others
  • Explore ways of completing teamwork within our community
  • Explore how we can learn from significant people, both now and in the past
  • Understand how our community works; recycling, Police, Council, Church etc.
4. Relationships/social awareness

As spiritual and moral people we will;

  • Think about important relationships around us and in other communities/cultures
  • Celebrate cultural diversity, in our community and the world around us
  • Celebrate religious diversity, in our community and the world around us
  • Develop team work skills and work collaboratively
  • Recognise and respect other people’s roles in our class, school and society
  • Understand consequences and how to make a mends
5. Enquiry

As people with enquiring minds we will;

  • Ask our own questions and seek to answer them as a class and independently
  • Complete open-ended tasks with more than one possible answer or outcome
  • Learn to evaluate and try alternatives
  • Determine the pathway of our own learning journey
  • Think for ourselves and generate ideas
  • Be risk-takers with our learning
  • Analyse and interpret information
  • Present and report findings
  • Explore alternative viewpoints
  • Appreciate other people’s opinions


Core Values

Our core value this term is Thankfulness- we shine when we show gratitude. We aim to help the children to: Recognise that when they say ‘thank you’ they are acknowledging what someone else has done for them; consider how they show their gratitude to people who help them or are kind to them; recognise that God loves and cares for them in many different ways in all aspects of their lives. Their response to this provision should be one of thankfulness and praise; acknowledge that when they are facing difficult times it can be hard to be thankful. They should remember God’s promise to be with them in every circumstance. The children received a certificate at the start of term. Please return the certificate to school when your child has demonstrated the core value of THANKFULNESS at home. These certificates will be celebrated in our Tuesday core value assembly and displayed in the classrooms.

If you would like any more information regarding the curriculum, please do not hesitate to speak to Mrs Young, Deputy Head and Curriculum leader.