St. Peter's Catholic Primary School
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Welcome to Year 3

The Year 3 Staff

Mrs McGuinness teaches class 3RM and Mrs MacDonald teaches class 3KM. Mrs Withers and Mrs Lloyd are 3RM’s Teaching Assistants and Mrs Hensley and Mrs Wain are 3KM’s Teaching Assistants.

Our PPA is covered every other Thursday in 3RM by Mrs Morris and every Thursday in 3KM by Mrs Lowe.


In Year 3 we have homework each week. On a Monday we have Spellings which we learn ready to be tested each Friday. On Tuesday we have maths homework which is to be handed in on Thursday. On Wednesday we have either handwriting or a grammar task to be returned by Friday. Every other Thursday we have Topic homework which has to be handed in the following Tuesday.

You will find the Topic homework dates on the leaflet handed out at the start of each term.

We take home and read our reading books every night and change them regularly.

What our week looks like

The Year 3 curriculum encompasses a range of innovative, engaging activities every week across the curriculum.  

We love celebrating our creativity in Year 3 and look forward to any opportunity that arises to link it into our learning. 

Autumn Term (Sept-Dec 2017) – Tribal Tales

In the Autumn term, we enjoyed studying aspects of History, Geography, Art, D&T and Computing in our Autumn Topic, ‘Tribal Tales’. We delved into history from Pre-historic times, through the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age, and visited Stonehenge where we explored how human life has evolved over time in Britain. 

Spring Term (Jan-March 2018) – Mighty Metals

In the Spring term, we became fantastic physicists, exploring the world of forces, metals and materials that have shaped the world we live in today. Mighty

metals are everywhere! In Science, we explored the forces and magnets all around us. To learn more about forces, we looked closely at levers and linkages and used these mechanisms to create moving robot models. 

Summer Term (April-July 2018) – Urban Explorers

This term we are going to become explorers of our Earth. We live in the ever changing and developing city of Gloucester. We will be using digital mapping skills to explore continents and countries of the world and then zooming into our local area. We will be delving into the history of Gloucester and finding out more about how Gloucester has changed.  

In Key Stage 2, we all also learn Spanish. This is taught once a week by Senora Moore. 

This term, Year 3 are following REAL PE, focusing on the Physical and Health & Fitness benefits of PE. 3KM’s PE lessons are on a Thursday and 3RM’s PE lessons are on a Wednesday.