Welcome to Year 4

The Year 4 Staff

Mr Daniell (4TD) and Mrs Perez (4LP) are the teachers within Year 4, who are supported by a team of Teaching Assistances consisting of Mrs Davidson, Miss Smith and Miss Andrews. PPA cover is provided by Mrs Davis in 4TD and Mrs Pollard in 4LP, and the children always look forward to these sessions.

What does our week look like?

The week is one which is jam-packed with learning! Daily sessions of Maths and English alongside weekly lessons in Science, Religious Education, PSHCE, Guided Reading, Physical Education and Topic that will stretch the children’s skills and learning. For a more detailed breakdown of what is to be taught, please find the Topic Web for the Autumn Term attached.

We have homework each week!

·         On a Monday we have spellings, which we learn ready to be tested each Friday

·         On Tuesdays we have Maths homework, which is to be handed in on Thursday.

·         On Wednesday we have English based homework - this is to be returned by Friday.

·         Finally, every other Thursday we have Topic homework which has to be handed in on a Tuesday.

All of the topic information (dates and activities) can be found in the topic leaflet which is handed out at the start of every term.

Children - try to read your reading books every night and change them regularly. You’re responsible for putting them in the box in our classrooms so that Mrs Davidson and Miss Smith know to change them! Please get your home learning journal signed by a trusted adult and make sure you have a good understanding of what you have read.

Summer Topic 2017

During the Summer Term, children in Year 4 will be studying the topic ‘Burps, Bottoms, Bile and Blood’. The children will focus first on the Blood by delving into one of the bloodiest battles in history ‘The Battle of Hastings - 1066’. They will study how the battle came to take place, the key figures involved and the actions on the battlefield. Through videos, debates and using a varied number of sources the children will write recounts of key events and develop stories set in a historical setting. Children will develop their own knowledge of chronology and sequence events. Using the Bayeux tapestry, will also deliver an insight into what really happened. Just like William the Conqueror, pupils will create their own surveys and create a Domesday book to show what they have found.

Next the children will look into burps, bottoms and bile! Here they will become more scientific and investigate key processes and organs of the body. They will learn about the digestive system and how it works and how teeth play an important role in eating. Children will learn about what humans need in order to survive. Different food types and groups will be investigated and what they bring in a positive and negative way. There will be many chances for the children to carry out investigations and see what really happens inside their own bodies!

Topic Homework leaflet

Please click on the image below to open as a PDF file.