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Gloucester Virtual School Games Festival

Gloucester Virual School Festival Challenges

Obstacle course

It’s an exciting way to exercise!
Use some furniture, and also some chalk to draw out a course ranging from the inside of your house to the garden or corridor outside. Add challenges to the course. You could add a puzzle to be solved, a vast area to be crossed without touching the ground, etc.

Treasure hunt

This can be either indoor, outdoor or both!
Organize a hunt that spreads across a large area, or even just inside your house. Just place toys or treats hidden in different places and start your kid off with the first place. Each place could have a puzzle written for the next. If you make sure the places are far apart, your kids will get a good run out of it.


By far the simplest and the most fun-filled activity to do to get that daily cardio workout. Just put on some music or use some of the exciting YouTube channel links below (all suitable for our schools 5-11 yr age range):


Blow off that Steam 

We’re used to the tantrums our kids throw, right? What if I told you that you asking them to throw these temper tantrums on purpose when they’re in a good mood, will actually help them both psychologically and physically?

It may sound a bit crazy, but when they kick and run and jump and scream, they’re getting tired out because of the energy they’re spending.
This also helps them get out all their pent up anger and emotion without them even realizing it.


Follow the leader

When playing this game, you’ll be the leader and it’s the easiest way to get a good workout done by your kids. Make sure to include exercises like jumping jacks, kicks, running, jumps, etc.

Family fun exercises

These easy and fun exercise videos are a great way for you and your child to stay fit and healthy (I was out of breath and ached for some time!)