St. Peter's Catholic Primary School
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Autumn Topic (September - December 2017

The teachers have planned some exciting topics for the Autumn Term. The children will be learning about all things linked to famous places, habitats and physical features from across the globe in the topic ‘Explorers’. On the first day back the children will be immersed in all things Topic related by developing displays, decorating the whole corridor and using their own original ideas to develop and create their own Topic book front covers for the term. The year 4 explorers will to go on a journey across the globe to different continents and eventually settle at the base of a very special mountain. Work here will include looking at famous mountains around the world and their origins. As part of the curriculum driver ‘knowledge of the world’, children will be finding out about different people and places of the world. They will see how communities use the mountain areas, but also how dangerous they can be.

The Year Fours will see their own knowledge and creativity come to fruition when they design some great pieces of writing and are able to show their learning about mountain activities, people and animals. They will be even able to explain how mountains got where they are and that some are still getting taller.

During the Autumn Term, the explorers will continue to search the world until they decide to settled in the United States of America. They will learn about the geography and history of the country and find out about all things American. The year groups will again have the opportunity to improve on the skills they have been introduced to in previous academic years, as well as being introduced to new skills in Design and Technology, Art, Computing and Music. On their journey around the Wild West and Deep South, will they have knowledge needed to become an expert in everything starred and striped?

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