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Beat The Street

Beat the Street is back!

As you may be aware, Beat the Street is back and our Beat Box has already been set up outside our school. You should have received your parent packs yesterday (please activate your cards online) and the pupils will receive their fobs on the launch day (Wednesday 26th) when we hope to start racking up the points. We are aiming to build upon our success of last year and get even more of our school community out and active. 

Beat the Street Update

Overall points league: 1st place with 89010 points.

Average points league: 3rd with 153 per person average

We have a commanding lead at this point but we are not even half way through, with other teams beginning to steadily close the gap. 

Keep it up Team St Peters and even step it up to secure a Beat The Street victory for the 2nd year in a row!