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Eco Council

Eco News December 2019

What a busy term it has been for the newly appoined Eco-Council.
The biggest event in our year so far has been our focus week, where we looked at how we could take the words of Pope Francis and use them as our inspiration to “Put Love for the World into Action.” Each year group worked together to produce a campaign to educate others about the important issues facing our wonderful world. EYFS and KS1 looked at food and how we can reduce wastage, Years 3 and 4 investigated the importance of recycling and Years 5 and 6 studied single-use plastics and how these impact on the world’s oceans. As part of this week, each child produced a tip card to keep in a prominent place in order to keep the message fresh and not forgotten. If you would like extra tip cards, please speak to a member of the eco-council who will be happy to help.
We were also fortunate enough to take part in an assembly by Severn Trent Water, where we demonstrated how we can reduce the amount of precious water we use. We took away some simple ideas such as taking 4 minute showers and making sure that taps are fully turned off to help us preseve water.
In addition, we have carried out a survey looking at the use of eletricity in school and are pleased to report that the majority of classes had their doors shut, lights and board turned off and windows closed during lunch time. In addition, the thermastats were set to an efficieint 18 degrees, which keeps our school a comfortable temperature to work in.
Turning our attention to next term, we are still concerned about the usage of the food waste bins. When checking these, there is a worrying amount of food being wasted and still food being placed in general waste. We would like to ask every child to speak to their parents/carers to make sure that they are bringing in the right amount of food into school and disposing of it properly. The Eco-Council have been busy making posters to be displayed in the lunch hall reminding everyone to eat their dinner!
We would like to increase the amount of recycling that our school currently does. We will be investigating different types of bins and how our waste can best be sorted. If you have any ideas for this, or any way in which the school can be more eco-friendly, please let us know.