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Home Learning

Alongside home learning, Mrs Baron has started to set the children and staff a weekly challenge.  The responses have shown how much fun everyone has had in completing the challenges.  Most importantly, because each challenge requires video or photographic evidence, we all get to see each other.  We are definitely one happy, fun family!

Challenge 1 - Dance to "Happy"

Challenge 2 - "I am thankful for......."

Challenge 3 - VE Day

Challenge 4 - Send your friends/teachers a message about something you have learnt during lockdown.

The Last Challenge - Summer of Hope

We would love everyone in our school family to to be part of our ‘summer of hope’ challenge to ensure clean water and food reaches some of the poorest families in the world during this global coronavirus pandemic.  Watch the video for information about the challenge and go to CAFOD’s website for more details 
Let’s see if we can raise £300!  Can we do it?  YES WE CAN! 

At very short notice, your children’s teachers have put together home learning activities.  All children are expected to do the learning set and to complete it to a high standard.  We could be off school for some time and we do not want the children’s learning to be disadvantaged because of this, therefore we ask you to set clear expectations of your children and make this learning part of their daily life.   See Top Tips below. 
The Home Learning can be accessed from the website – click on Children’s Area, click on Home Learning, click on your child’s year group, click on the relevant week. The new learning for every week will be added to this same location.
Your children should complete their home learning in the exercise book they were given on Friday.  If your children were not at school last week, you can collect this exercise book from school on Monday any time after 9.30am.  The books will be on a table outside the entrance to the office.  There will be a box of pencils too, one per child so please take one if needed.

Top Tips for parents/carers whilst your child is not at school

1. Try to keep to a daily routine building in work time, down time, exercise, work on social/emotional skills
2. Show the day’s activities on a visual timetable so that your child knows what to expect
3. Try and remain as calm as possible as this will help your child feel more calm and settled.
4. Use Social stories to explain what is happening and why
5. Have a quiet, distraction free area for your child to work as this will help them to focus
6. Try and ensure that the desk/table where the child is working only has the equipment that is relevant to the work they are doing.
7. Improve motivation by providing agreed rewards for both effort and achievement
8. Try to pick your battles! Decide what is really important to stick to and try not to worry about getting everything perfect all the time.
9. Stay in touch with other adults and friends – linking in and sharing ideas will be helpful for everyone.  Consider use a video link (e,g, Facetime)  sometimes to feel more connected.
10. Consider joining supportive on-line groups, for example The Gloucestershire Autism Support Group on Facebook
11. Take care of yourself as well as your child.  Give yourself permission and time to do the things that help you feel relaxed and happy when your child is safe and settled
Thank you for your support and understanding.  Please keep us in your prayers and we will continue to keep you in ours.