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Click on the video below for a special message from Mrs Izatt!

We are currently living in unprecedented times and you no doubt will agree that we will remember this time for many different reasons. As a school, we have decided to create a Coronavirus Memories Project video and book for the children, families, and friends of St. Peter’s to look back on for many years to come.
We are setting you all a special music challenge to accompany our Memories project! 
We would like you to learn and perform the song ‘Looking to the Rainbow’ which is a brand-new song written by Nick and Becky Drake for schools to perform during the Covid-19 lockdown. We would love to have as many voices as possible to use as part of the project, so please take part!
Step 1: Learn the song!
You can find a copy of the lyrics, links to the backing track and YouTube video below.
Step 2: Record
You now need to record a video of you singing. A Smartphone/tablet/laptop is perfect for this!
Top Tips for recording
  • Record singing in a video in portrait.
  • Make sure the lighting is good so that we can see your child/ren clearly.
  • Play the backing track via headphones while you are singing so that we can only hear your beautiful voices and not the backing track.
  • Make sure you are smiling! 
  • You can record your video singing on your own or with your brother/sister if you prefer. 
Step 3: Share
When you have a recording that you are happy with, email the video to: by Friday 26th June. Please note: by emailing your video you are giving permission for it to be used on the school website and social media.
We look forward to receiving your videos!

Click on the image below to hear the music - "Looking to the Rainbow"


Click here to open up the lyrics to Looking to the Rainbow


Looking to the Rainbow (Lockdown song) by Becky Drake and The Blue Coat School Chapel Choir