St. Peter's Catholic Primary School
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Core Values

Our core value this term is PERSEVERANCE. We hope to develop the children’s understanding that sometimes we need to persevere in order to achieve something we want. If we take little steps towards a bigger goal we will get closer each time we try. However, the path may not always be easy and it is important not to get frustrated. It does not matter how slowly you move towards your goal - the important thing is that you don’t give up.

Please send in the core value certificate to share with us when your child demonstrates perseverance at home, for example;
Tim practised doing up his shoelaces and he can now do them on his own!
Sally found her maths homework difficult, but she kept working on it until she got it right.
Glen has been to karate club every week and he has now learnt the basic moves.

If your child exemplifies this core value at home, please return the core value certificate that was sent home at the start of the term or click here to open the document.

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