St. Peter's Catholic Primary School Following in Jesus' footsteps, we live, love and learn together as a school family to build a better world.
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Core Values

Our Core Value this term is Trust – we shine when we trust in God and others.
We aim to help the children to:
  • Think how they can show trust in order to build lasting relationships;
  • Consider how they can show they are trusted and can trust others;
  • Recognise that although they sometimes fall out with their friends and trust can be broken, trust can also be rebuilt.
  • Recognise that Jesus is their friend and they can trust him.
  • Recognise that Jesus trusted Peter to build his church and that we too can continue this legacy.
We would love to hear from you when your child exemplifies the value of Trust outside of school so that we can celebrate that in school too. A copy can also be downloaded by clicking on this link.

Please click on the image below to open up the full PDF document.