St. Peter's Catholic Primary School
Be on time for 5 to 9!


We are now starting our new school year and our big focus this year is attendance.  Our attendance figures for last year were well below the national average and this must change. Absence from school can seriously disrupt your child’s continuity of learning. Not only do they miss the teaching provided on the days they are away; they are also less well prepared for lessons upon their return. There is a consequent risk of underachievement, which together we must seek to avoid.  It is our school’s expectation that regular and good attendance is 100% attendance, unless there is a reason acceptable to the school for absence that can be authorised.

Please click on this link to see the latest Attendance Policy.


Thank you to everyone who entered the ‘Be on Time for 5 to 9’ poster competition.  We thought all your entries were fantastic.  The whole of school council voted and we chose some of the most eye catching designs to go up around school.  We chose the posters that were brightly coloured, had the key information and gave some reasons why being on time was so important to learning! 

Keep a look out for the winning posters around school by.. . . . ..

Kahlan 5HC    Alicia 6CJ         Sansiga 6YW  

Annabel 3RM   Sharlet 3KM        Anya 4TD     

Remy 3RM      Anna 4LP           Kelsey 6CJ   

Riya 6YW      Della 6YW         Sangeetha 6YW