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Reception (Early Years Foundation Stage)

The EYFS Staff

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) staff support the children as they embark on their learning journey through our school. Mrs Brogan (RJB) and Miss Evans (RAE) are the EYFS teachers. They are supported by Mrs Collinson, Mrs Richards and Mrs Sparey, the EYFS Teaching Assistants. PPA cover is provided by Mrs Lowe in RAE fortnightly and Mrs Fox in RJB each week.

Autumn Terms 2019 (September - December)

During the first half of the Autumn term the focus is on settling in, so activities will help the children to learn the routines and get to know their classmates. During the second half of the term the children will be inspired to learn through their own interests in order to develop perseverance, co-operation and problem solving.

Supporting your child at home

In October, once all the children have started school, the children will be introduced to a new letter sound each day. It is important that your child also practises these sounds at home, at least five times a week, so that s/he learns all the sounds with quick recall. When your child can do this s/he will be able to start putting sounds together to read (blending for reading). Please see the front pages in your child’s reading record for ways to support your child’s reading.

Young children also need as many daily stories as an adult is able to read from a book, recall from their own childhood or even make up! This helps children to develop their listening skills and build an understanding of story structure. In addition, it fosters their imagination, as well as being an enjoyable experience!

EYFS Curriculum

For more information please click on the The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum