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Coronavirus Project 2020

Well, what a strange year it has been. We are so proud of everyone for how well you have met the challenges of home learning and for some of you, your return to school in June. We'd ike to share the first part of our Coronavirus Memories Project the 'Looking to the Rainbow' Music challenge video with you all. We hope you all have a fantastic summer and look forward to being back altogether in September!


Look at all the wonderful things we have learnt during lockdown!


Weekly Challenges

Alongside home learning, Mrs Baron has started to set the children and staff a weekly challenge.  The responses have shown how much fun everyone has had in completing the challenges.  Most importantly, because each challenge requires video or photographic evidence, we all get to see each other.  We are definitely one happy, fun family!

Challenge 1 - Dance to "Happy"

Challenge 2 - "I am thankful for......."

Challenge 3 - VE Day

Challenge 4 - Send your friends/teachers a message about something you have learnt during lockdown.

The Last Challenge - Summer of Hope

We would love everyone in our school family to to be part of our ‘summer of hope’ challenge to ensure clean water and food reaches some of the poorest families in the world during this global coronavirus pandemic.  Watch the video for information about the challenge and go to CAFOD’s website for more details 
Let’s see if we can raise £300!  Can we do it?  YES WE CAN!