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Mental Health Week (10th – 14th February 2020)
We have had many health focus weeks promoting healthy eating and exercise for healthy bodies, we are now going to focus upon healthy minds. Next week we will be promoting St. Peter’s Mental Health week. During this week we will be promoting a greater understanding of mental health; including stigma, prejudice and discrimination children and adults face when dealing with mental health issues.  
Each year group have planned lessons and activities (age appropriate) about the following:
What can go wrong when people become mentally unwell.
What helps and what does not help.
Risk and resilience factors affecting mental health.
How to promote positive mental health and why it is important.
To launch this week, children will be given a Mental Health week sticker on Monday. 
Monday 10th Feb:  Launch Assembly.  Activities in class/ Acts of Kindness.
Tuesday 11th Feb: Learning a dance routine for a whole school performance on Friday 14th Feb. Activities in class/ Acts of Kindness. Wednesday 12th Feb: Activities in class including Acts Of Kindness
Wednesday 12th Feb: Activities in class/ Acts of Kindness.
Thursday 13th Feb: Inside Out day.  Your child is invited to wear a t-shirt inside out (over their school uniform) to encourage children to think about how others are feeling on the inside. We would ask for a donation of 50p to go towards a child mental health charity chosen by our school council.  Activities in class/ Acts of Kindness.
Friday 14th Feb: We would like to invite you to our family breakfast from 8:15 until 8:45am. We would respectfully ask that you do not park in the school car park as this will be in use by staff at this time. Please let us know if you will be able to attend – this will help us with catering. The breakfast is free because we want to promote the importance of having breakfast to help us start the day with a healthy mind. Following breakfast, we will have our normal celebration assembly followed by the whole school performance of our dance. 
Yours sincerely
Mrs Pollard, PSHE Lead