St. Peter's Catholic Primary School Following in Jesus' footsteps, we live, love and learn together as a school family to build a better world.
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Mission and Worship

What Makes Our School Distinctive?

Our Catholic faith makes our school distinctive because faith is at the centre of our learning. 

Our school mission statement is to Live, Love and Learn in Jesus' footsteps.  At school we help the children to understand and to live out the meaning of these words. 


The children LIVE life to the full by being active in their community – the children regularly contribute to Gloucester Food Bank and during the course of the year they raise funds for Mission Together which is all about ‘children helping children’.  The children respond to world disasters by collecting money and arranging donations and carry out various other acts of charity throughout the school year in local care homes and Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.


They LOVE one another as they wish to be loved by living out the gospel in their daily life and following in Jesus’ footsteps through their words and actions.


They LEARN to make the right choices in life – our Core Values programme, which is delivered every Tuesday morning in our whole school Act of Worship, focuses on key values which help the children to grow spiritually and morally. The children also learn to make the right choices in their learning – using the talents God has given them to their full potential.

Gospel - Celebration of the Word

Every Monday morning the whole school gathers together for our Gospel worship.  Children volunteer to lead this liturgy.  This is a very interactive worship during which children's ideas, thoughts, knowledge and opinions are captured and used to produce a Gospel display. Sometimes, key questions are posted on the interactive display and the children are encouraged to respond to these throughout the week. The focus of the Gospel worship is to help the children to understand God's message to us. 

Core Virtues Act of Worship

Every term we introduce a new core value and this value is explored and explained in a weekly Act of Worship.  The children are encouraged to contribute to the whole school core value interactive display and parents/carers are provided with certificates which they can award to their child for displaying the core value at home.  These certificates are celebrated in the Tuesday morning Act of Worship.   

St. Peter

Our school is named after St. Peter, a disciple of Jesus.  Peter was a very special friend to Jesus and when Jesus died he became the leader of the church on earth.  This is what Jesus wanted because he said to Peter, “You are Peter and on this rock I will build my church.”  Peter became our first Pope.  As Pope, Peter spread the good news, showed love and made the right choices. 

Sadly, Peter (like Jesus) was crucified.  Peter was crucified upside down – this is because Peter didn’t think he was worthy to be crucified in the same way as Jesus.  Today, our Pope is called Pope Francis – he is a very humble Pope who cares very much for the sick, poor and suppressed people in our world today.