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Private Car Transport Policy

On occasions, the use of private cars for transporting small numbers of people may be required, either taken by a teacher to a local school for a lesson or the sports team being taken by parents/carers to an away sporting match.

  • All volunteer drivers must read this policy and sign the transport policy slip annually consenting to the policy.
  • All drivers must have a full and valid driving licence for the class of vehicle they own and be free of any motoring convictions, and be willing to present their driving licence for inspection if requested.
  • All drivers must adhere to the Highway Code.
  • All drivers must have fully comprehensive insurance cover when carrying children. Members of staff are asked to check that their car insurance covers business use, which will then allow them to transport pupils in their own private cars. New members of staff are asked to complete a form to indicate their insurance cover.
  • All vehicles must conform to all legal requirements.
  • Each child must be restrained by a seat or lap belt and no child should be transported in the front passenger seat, with the exception of the driver’s own child at their discretion.
  • Parents must supply booster seats for their child if under 135cm tall and have given permission for them to travel in a staff/other parents cars for a school organised event. It is the driver’s responsibility to see the seat is used.
  • No adult should be 1:1 with a child unless it is their own.
  • The teacher in charge will ensure that permission has been obtained from the parent to ensure that all parties are fully informed of the transport to and from events.