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Sports and Clubs

The school aims to make physical education both enjoyable and purposeful in order to promote physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. We recognise that each child has individual capabilities and we therefore strive to create such an environment where each child is encouraged and motivated to further develop their skills and abilities.

The children follow a planned curriculum designed to develop these skills as well as encouraging group play and positive team spirit. A full range of physical experiences, as required by the National Curriculum, are covered including, games, gymnastics, dance, athletics and other outdoor activities. Swimming is also offered to pupils in Year 3.

The school has a diverse range of facilities including two outdoor multi-use games areas, 2 multi-purpose halls, playground with painted games and adventure activities and a large field suitable for football, rugby, rounders and athletics.

Pupils must change for physical education and the required sports kit is found in the uniform section. For health and safety all watches and earrings must be removed before participating in any form of physical activity.

As physical education is a required part of the National Curriculum, should a child be unfit to participate, a note is required to explain this reason. Only in exceptional circumstances will a note cover more than two lessons, when a doctor’s note should be supplied.

Extra curricular activities are an important element of school life and provide an opportunity for the extension and enrichment of individual children. The school offers a wide range of clubs linked to physical education that vary throughout the year. Such clubs include dance, zumba, football, tag rugby, netball, cricket, rounders, athletics and cross country.