St. Peter's Catholic Primary School

OPAL - Outdoor Play and Learning

OPAL Update

lWith the warm weather we've had this week, the children have been enjoying playing in all the different OPAL zones. They have been making campfires in the forest school area, rolling down the bank inside a water butt, playing with the Barbie dolls and arts and crafts in the quiet area, building sandcastles in the sand pit and making bases and obstacle courses with the donations of tyres and pallets we received from local companies. They are LOVING OPAL. As a result of this, we'd love you to experience OPAL too, so, starting next Monday (20th May 2019) until the end of the summer term, parents/carers are invited to 'Stay and Play' with your children from 3.15pm - 4pm every Monday and Friday. This will be unsupervised play - all we ask is that you follow these simple rules:

1. Sign the sheet in the main office to say you are staying (this is so we know who is on site) and sign it again when you are leaving (so we know you have left!).

2. Treat the resources and the zones with respect.

3. Tidy away the resources when you and your children have finished with them.

4. The POND by the forest school zone is strictly out of bounds.

5. Bring your own drinks, snacks and first aid supplies - the school does not accept any liability for any accidents that occur - you 'Stay and Play' at your own risk.

6. Take all your litter home with you.

7. Have an amazing OPAL experience!

Thank you for your continued support Mrs Jackson, OPAL Play Coordinator and Mr Dowling, OPAL Leader




It is essential that all children are kitted out with waterproof coats and wellingtons (clearly named) to stay in school every day so that the children can access all areas in all weather and get the most out of their OPAL experience.


As many of the zones are muddy there is a strong possibility of clothing getting wet and dirty.  Waterproof trousers and/or a change of clothes are highly recommended to protect their school clothes.

Having fun with the barrels!

Den making using the pallets donated by Buildbase