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School Council

A school council is a group of students who are elected by their peers to represent the views of all pupils and to improve their school.

At St Peter’s Catholic Primary School, two children from each class in Key Stage 1 and 2 are elected to represent their class on the school council. This gives a pupil voice to a variety of school decisions and events.

School council initiatives have been varied, with members taking ideas back to their class to vote on, so all the children have their say.

Most recently, school council have helped choose the design of our Good to Be Green rewards and change the way our weekly certificates are displayed. They have promoted road safety and the importance of walking to school, as well as a variety of fund raising ideas and events for the school.

Mrs E Davis (School Council Lead) 

School Council Update

September 2019 

School Council have met and new members have been given their new badge to wear in school. 
We discussed our aims that School Council will be known to all in our school family and will be actively involved in planning, leading and evaluating initiatives to make our school a better place in which to live, love and learn.
The children were given the opportunity to be responsible for taking the photos during Friday celebration assembly.  Two Year 6 members have been chosen to take the photos and display them in the hall. 
Miss Evans came to the start of our first School Council meeting to discuss the Aldi Vouchers for schools.  School Council will be on a rota to add the stickers to the giant chart over the next few weeks.   As a school we need to collect 300 stickers and could win £20,000!
Children were tasked with going back to class and discussing any areas they think they would like to improve in our school.  Next meeting set for October.
The new School Council met and all children have been given their badges and discussed their role.  Their photographs are displayed by the PE and lunch hall.    Two School Council representatives have been chosen for this term to take photos, print and display the achievement awards pictures on a Friday.


KS1 and KS2 School Council members met in two groups and have been asked to discuss a question with their class. "What would you like to be improved in school this year and why?"  
We will meet later this term to discuss and move forward with what we could achieve.  
One point that did get raised at the initial meeting was if recycling in school could be improved.  School Council are meeting later this term to design some recycling boxes for batteries and pens which will then go around school.   

Magdalen House visits.

School Council have been asked to read to some retired teacher residents at Magdalen House.  The visits start in November and will continue until March.  This will help promote reading and ensure our commitment to be active in the community.  



Be on time for 5 to 9!

Why should you arrive for school on time

It is important that children arrive in school on time every day. It is the legal responsibiloit of parents/carers to ensure that children are on time each day. If a child is late they will miss important information about the day's activities. A child who is late will miss important learning in school. Children who arrive in good time for registration are able to talk to their friends before school and settle into the school day with them. They are showing they are ready to learn!

Lateness = lost learning!

Minutes late each school day 

5 minutes late each day

3 days lost!

10 minutes late each day 

6.5 days lost!

15 minutes late each day

10 days lost!

20 minutes late each day

13 days lost!

30 minutes late each day 

19 days lost!

Food Bank

As a school, we are continuing to support the Gloucester Food Bank on a monthly basis.
Gloucester Foodbank provides short term emergency parcels to people in crisis in Gloucester and the surrounding areas. Food and toiletries are given as an intervention strategy.  Since its launch on 1st April 2005, the Foodbank, with the help of the local community, has distributed more than 39,000 emergency parcels to individuals and families’ resident in the City of Gloucester and its environs.
Food that is in date is always desperately needed. We would be very grateful if you would consider donating any of the following items: tinned potatoes, long-life milk, long-life fruit juice (not chilled), tinned cold meat (corned beef /ham), small jars of coffee, packets of food/soup/noodles, tinned food, toothpaste, shower gel and shampoo etc.

Many thanks for your support to this charity and helping us to continue our commitment ‘to be active in our community’.